Brief Introduction to Nanyang Institute Of Technology

                    Nanyang Institute of Technology (short as NIT) is an education establishment based in Nanyang City, a history-honored and merits-productive place. Established in 1987, NIT is now a higher-education institute included in the pilot-colleges plan of Ministry of Education and the experimental-points of Henan Provincial Transformation Development, NIT now has set 16 schools: School of Mechanics and Auto-motive Engineering, School of Computer and Information Technology, School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, School of Art Design, Economics and Management School, School of Foreign Languages, School of Physical Science, Music College, School of Arts and Law, School of Biology and Chemistry Engineering, Zhangzhongjing Traditional Chinese Medicine College, College of Software, School of Electronic Business and School of Education.Additionally, it offers 47 undergraduate programmes.

                    NIT covers an area of 1.136 million square meters with series of teaching and research facilities of RMB 210 million, including 2 provincial engineering laboratories equipped with Mobile terminal adaptive processing technology and Cloud computing virtualization technology. NIT has a 39 Thousand square meters library with 1350 thousand bookstore and 2000 kinds of issues. In addition, we have a e-document resource system available for 24-hours.Our campus internet are campus-universally covered. With 400 professors and associate professors on campus, we also invited a number of academicians from Science Institute of China and China Academy of Engineering as part-time professors.

                    Currently, we have 22000 students coming from 31 provinces and regions of China studying in our university. We also have a number of oversea students from South Korea studying in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Language & Literature. During the past 3 years, our students won more than 200 prizes in “Challenge Cup” Chinese College Student Extra Curricular Academic and Science-Tech Works Competition, and 8 Bronze Awards continuously on behalf of Henan colleges in International College Students Programming Design Competition. Employment rate of our graduates keeps 95%+ in recent half decade.

                    We pay large attention on the integration between production and education and the cooperation with enterprises. We have established a ICT innovation foundation cooperate with ZTE and numbers of laboratories with General Electric and BOSCH.

                    NIT has positively developed its foreign cooperation and exchange works. In South Korea, we have 2 subsidy institutes. We also have cooperate-education programs with Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand and Northampton in UK, exchange programmes with many universities in the USA, Japan and Taiwan. In addition, we established Zhongyuan China-South Korea Cultural Exchange Centre and Nanyang Chinese-Japanese Cultural Exchange Centre, which is one of the main foreign exchange channels for Nanyang.

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